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‘Project Think Right’ woos Chateau

‘Project Think Right’ woos Chateau


The northwestern town of Chateaubelair was treated to an afternoon of music, dance and street theatre with positive messages on Sunday, June 15 when Project Think Right held its first event on the leeward coast.{{more}}

The event, which took place at the Sharpes playing field, was presented by Blue Bucket Entertainment (BBE) in conjunction with Caribbean HIV/AIDS Alliance. It was hosted by Panyard International of Chateaubelair and funded by the Unites States Agency for International Development (USAID).

The cast of actors and dancers held the 400 plus strong audience spellbound and in stitches with pantomimes and dialogues but the undisputed star of the event was Papa HIV portrayed by JP Schwmon of Blue Bucket. Papa HIV is a 110-year-old with a slick tongue and bulletproof wit and delivery; his arch nemesis Miss AIDS stood no chance. HIV admonished the youth to be careful in their sexual encounters and to seek information and treatment should they contract a Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD). “Me ya, Papa HIV yo could live ah long an healthy life wid me but once yo ketck dat-dey Moma AIDS, yo dun wid”, Papa HIV intoned.

JP said that Papa HIV is a character that he took from the Rush open mike which he hosts on Thursday evenings at club Rush in Kingstown. JP also said that he intends to take the character to primetime TV as he sees that as an avenue to bring topical issues to the forefront of the Vincentian consciousness instead of the foreign knockoffs we have become so accustomed to in SVG.

BBE is an entertainment entity that manages events like the successful Rush open mike and Express Yo Self.

Caught up in the action was LIME’s Country Manager Angus Steele, along with Wade and Brian Hadaway and parliamentary representative Jerrol Thompson. They all expressed interest in the cultural revitalization of the area, Wade even got into some impromptu street theatre.

Many Residents expressed their delight at the event and the way the information was relayed. Condoms and pamphlets and other paraphernalia were also given out. Supa Dan of Pan Yard International told SEARCHLIGHT that he feels good to be helping out in suchsituations as its more like community service: “I Love dis kinda entertainment.

No violence an you learning something,” he said.

Project Think Right will continue down to Barrouallie on the next leg of its island wide tour.