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GHS graduates told: Don’t let your potential go unused

GHS graduates told: Don’t let your potential go unused


One Hundred and thirty-eight graduates of the Girls’ High School (GHS) have been encouraged to never let their potential go unused, to surround themselves with positive minded individuals and to avoid the burdens that may come with teenage pregnancy.{{more}}

This message was relayed to the students by Ambassador of St. Vincent and the Grenadines to the United States Le Celia Prince, guest speaker at the GHS Graduation and Prize giving ceremony. The ceremony took place at the Kingstown Methodist Church on Tuesday June 22, 2010.

Addressing the students, Prince offered healthy advice on moving on to the next stage in life. The Ambassador encouraged the students to hold on despite the challenges they may face. “You will get the hang of it and you’ll master it,” she assured.

She further encouraged the students to believe in themselves, and believe that they can accomplish anything once they set their minds to it. Speaking about the unfortunate instances of young people wasting their potential, Prince told the students to turn their great potential into talent. “I don’t want you to be stored energy, I don’t want you to sit on your potential,” she stated.

Prince also advised the graduates to surround themselves with persons who will encourage them and give them the proper guidance and support.

She also advised them to avoid premature sexual relations which may lead to teenage pregnancy as it may hinder the goals that they have set for themselves.

Also addressing the issue of teen pregnancy, Headmistress Andrea Bowman, during her address, told the graduates that pregnancy is not appropriate at their age. “There is no urgency to pregnancy and its attendant complications at your stage. Time is on your side, use time wisely.”

During the Headmistress’s report, Bowman also gave a record of the academic performance of the girls and the extracurricular activities of the school during the year.

She encouraged parents and guardians to use their knowledge and experience to guide their children through the adolescent period. she further urged parents to see their children for who they are, their strengths and weaknesses. “Stop blaming the other children and bad company for your child’s mistakes,” Bowman stated.

The ceremony also saw 112 graduates from 2009 receiving prizes for nine, ten, eleven or twelve passes each in the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate examination.

Over 50 awards were presented to outstanding students in the 2010 graduating class including the Prime Minister’s Award for the Student of the Year which went to Meisha Charles.

Charles, during her speech, reminisced on the good and bad times with her classmates while encouraging them to press on.