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RBTT presents cheque to CDC for Junior Carnival

RBTT presents cheque to CDC for Junior Carnival


The Carnival Development Corporation (CDC) has secured more sponsorship for the staging of Junior Carnival compliments RBTT Bank.{{more}}

On Tuesday, June 15, the Bank handed over a cheque in the amount of $5,000 to the CDC for what Dennis Ambrose, Chairman of the CDC says will be used to assist in the payment of prize money.

“We are very grateful for RBTT to continue with the sponsorship that they have provided over the years,” Ambrose told members of the media.

He saluted the effort saying that despite the financial hard times, the bank has still seen it fit to make a monetary contribution.

“We think it’s a way of showing not just a sponsorship, but a partnership,” Ambrose said.

Isaac Solomon, Country Manager for RBTT Bank, in his brief address, said that the contribution was the Bank’s way of keeping with its vision to work with its clients in the community.

He noted that the Bank is committed to assisting the youth of this country, as has been evident in the past when they have made contributions to education, sport and culture.

“We have sponsored Junior Carnival in the past and thought it would be important to be part of the development of the youth in that area,” Solomon explained.