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Luke gets nod for ULP in East Kingstown

Luke gets nod for ULP in East Kingstown

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Former candidate for the East Kingstown Constituency, Julian Francis, has called on supporters of the Unity Labour Party (ULP){{more}} to put their full weight behind newly nominated candidate Luke Browne.

On Saturday, June 19, 2010, Browne was put forward by members of the constituency to the central executive, as the person they would like to have representing them in the upcoming general elections.

Browne was nominated unopposed at the meeting which also saw the selection of the constituency executive members who would sit on that constituency’s Candidate Selection Committee.

Francis, also the General Secretary of the party, said after the nomination of Browne that he believes that the Rhodes Scholar has a better chance of winning the New Democratic Party (NDP) strong hold than he (Francis) did.

He asked the delegates present to continue supporting their selected candidate in what he considered the biggest challenge in the elections.

“There are a lot of comrades here who thought that hugging the up the NDP and trying to get votes from the NDP was the wrong approach and stayed at home on Election Day in 2005… I want to ask you as the last candidate who ran for East Kingstown do not do that to Luke Browne. He does not deserve it. Maybe Julian Francis deserved it but not Luke,” said Francis.

“Luke goes out with a heart that is bigger than any old person in the country and I believe he is on the right path… leave him alone to do his work as he sees best,” Francis added.

In accepting his nomination, Browne likened his feat to the biblical battle between David and Goliath, one he noted he was honored to accept and fight.

“I owe every thing to this place and the kindness and support of the people. I will never leave and I hope to deliver victory for you in the next general election,” said Browne.

He stated: “Together we cannot fail, united we will win.”

One of the youngest candidates on the ULP’s list, Browne hit the campaign trail right away, reminding the delegates of the party’s accomplishments and future projects.

“The essence of the ULP is captured by the notion of equality and opportunity. It is a notion that drives the education revolution, the housing program, the health revolution and the building of the international airport.” Browne said.

He paid homage to the ULP candidates of the past (the late Michael Hamlett, and Julian Francis) and asked that their works for the constituency should not go in vain.

Saturday’s exercise also saw the nomination of Fernando Serieux, Osborne Browne, Leonard Williams and Janice Williams for the seats on the Candidate Selection Committee, and Isheka Deriggs and Hans King as alternates.