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Travis pleased with his 3rd place result

Travis pleased with his 3rd place result


Although he admitted that he didn’t prepare the ‘very best’ that he could, Summit Educational Trust student Travis Waterman is still pleased with his third place spot in the Common Entrance Examinations.{{more}}

The twelve-year-old student spoke to SEARCHLIGHT about his achievements, which included 91.33 % for English, 93.33% for General Paper and 100% for Mathematics.

“Well, my teacher told me that Math is about reason and once you can reason, you can do Math. I can reason and I guess that’s why I got 100%,” Waterman eloquently explained.

The other subjects, Waterman said, were not as challenging.

He mentioned that one or two of the questions stumped him, but he took the advice of his teachers and chose the best answer. He added that he also asked for God’s guidance during the examinations.

Waterman explained that he had to sacrifice a lot of time to prepare for the exams, listing an extensive time table of lessons, which included tests every week, one to two hour afterschool lessons and tests everyday a few weeks before the exam.

The studying process was made easier as he was not distracted by television as there is none at his home in Queens Drive, he explained. Travis is originally from Washington in United States and moved to St. Vincent in 2006; his parents are Aaron and Joanne Waterman.

Also speaking to SEARCHLIGHT, Travis’ mother Joanne Waterman said that she is proud of her son and his achievements. “We are really happy. He has worked really hard, put a lot of effort into his studies,” she said.

Grade six teacher Andrea Dziworshie also expressed her pride in her students.

The Summit Educational Trust, established in 2007, has a total of eleven students. It also has a secondary institution, which Travis plans to attend.

The youngster, who enjoys swimming and water sports, has a few career goals in mind. “I could be a salesman, a mechanic. I might be a pilot. You never know.”