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Tears of joy for third placed Andreka Samuels

Tears of joy for third placed Andreka Samuels


Andreka Samuel’s Common Entrance pass slip is smudged; it got stained from the tears of joy that poured from her eyes when she saw her results.{{more}}

Samuel, a pupil of the Rose Hall primary school, placed third overall, gaining 100% in Mathematics, 91% for English and 93.33% for General Paper.

Samuel, the daughter of Talika and Audril Samuel of Rosehall, explained to SEARCHLIGHT that she had not expected to do this well.

“I feel very pleased with the marks. I was expecting to do good, but this was beyond my expectations,” she said.

Samuel related that the examinations were a bit challenging, especially the composition section of the English paper. The General Paper exam she assessed as being “Okay”, while the Mathematics was “very easy”.

In preparing for her exams, Samuel said that she went over all her topics and learned her mathematics formulas taught to her in school. She was also greatly encouraged by her friends, teachers and her parents.

“They (parents) said that they knew I had the potential to do so good,” Samuel said was her parents’ reaction to her performance.

The twelve-year-old student hopes to become a pediatrician as she is aware of the value of helping sick children.
“As a child I know how it feels to be sick…so I’m planning to help them overcome their sickness.”

She hopes to continue her education at the Girls’ High School and hopes to keep up her excellent scores as well.

“I expect to do better that I’m doing now,” Samuel said.