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NIS captures ISSA award

NIS captures ISSA award


The National Insurance Services (NIS) has received an award for its outstanding social security services.{{more}}

The NIS received the 2009 International Social Security Association (ISSA) Good Practice Award certificate of merit for their execution of services in compliance and extension of social security coverage.

During a brief press conference at the NIS Conference room on Wednesday, June 9, 2010, Deputy Executive Director Mineva Glasgow said that the NIS is proud of its latest achievement.

“This award can only strive to affirm that the NIS is among the best run institutions in SVG,” Glasgow declared.

ISSA, the world’s largest body of social security institutions, is the only international association to which all social security businesses are affiliated.

Executive Director of NIS, Reginald Thomas, giving remarks, stated that the ISSA felt that it needed to make social security systems more dynamic by asking social security institutions to broaden their interest and to be more responsible in looking after the constituents that they serve.

The NIS entered the competition in the categories Compliance and Contribution Collection and Extension of Social Security Coverage. They competed against all the countries of the Americas and received the award of Merit on May 19, 2010, in Brazil.

The ISSA Good Practice Award programme recognizes good practices in administration of social security institutions. The award will be given every three years. Thomas added that the NIS will continue to compete in the programmes.

“It is the intention of the NIS to submit other programs to ensure that we compete with other regional social security systems within the Americas towards the receipt of further awards,” Thomas said.