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Karib Cable’s proposed price increase not approved, says NTRC


The National Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (NTRC) has advised that customers of cable television operator Karib Cable who have the basic package (Analog or Digital) will continue to pay the same monthly charge of $74.75 per month and not $89.99 as recently advertised by the company.{{more}}

The release from the NTRC issued on Friday, June 11, said: “The rate of $89.99 for the new basic package for Digital TV is a proposed price that needs to be approved by the NTRC. The NTRC at this time has not made a decision on this new price for the basic package for the Digital TV service.

The NTRC is also reviewing at this time some other increases to monthly charges being proposed by the company.”
The NTRC’s release also said that Karib Cable plans to migrate its current analog service to a full Digital service by August 1, 2010.

“To clarify our previous statement, existing television sets will work with the new digital service. During this migration period, customers would be required to obtain a set top box to view the digital service. Customers will be provided one free box per home but will be required to pay for additional boxes for those homes having more than one television set,” the release said.

Customers have been asked to contact the NTRC for any further clarifications they may need on this matter.