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Addison Edwards gets 100% grade in Maths

Addison Edwards gets 100% grade in Maths


According to Addison Edwards, he had no problems with his Common Entrance Mathematics paper, which is evident by the 100% grade he received for the exam.{{more}}

Edwards, the son of Geva and Siethroy Edwards of La Croix, explained to Searchlight that the exams were easy.

Edwards, a student of the Belmont Government school received 95.47% for English and 86.47% for General Paper.

He placed fifth overall.

The reserved lad mentioned that the General Paper was a bit challenging, adding that he felt “happy and elated” when he heard of his examination results. He, however, thought that he could have done better in English and General Paper.

Edwards, who has goals to become a medical doctor out of his desire to help the sick, plans to attend the St. Vincent Grammar School.

Edwards’ mother Geva, a teacher at the Belmont Government School, also spoke to Searchlight and said that she gave her son great support. She added that they would study together at night as she also had exams.

She also extended words of advice to parents: “They must get on board and be involved in their children’s education,” Edwards said.