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22 calypso semifinalists face off at Victoria Park


Calypso lovers are expected to get another taste of competition tonight as the 22 semifinalists in the national calypso competition face off in Fantastic Friday.{{more}}

Three former monarchs will battle for a place in the July 4th Dimanche Gras finals at Carnival City Victoria Park when the lights go on for the Hottest Carnival in the Caribbean.

Former title holders Vibrating Scakes and Ipa of the On Tour Calypso tent will be accompanied by tent mates Patches, Zion I, Struggler, Ranking Bash, newcomers Sherikah, Man Zangy and Shoharo in tonight’s semis.

From the Graduates Calypso tent, past winner Sulle, along with Bo Salt, Black Messenger, Lexi, Sunny Banks, Jah Burke, Bump I and Tajo will contend.

Brother Ebony and GC will compete from the Upstage Experience, while Exposer, Brother Don and Striker will represent the New York based Dynamites Calypso Tent.

The calysponians will perform one song in tonight’s competition, and if fortunate enough to advance they will render two pieces in the finals against reigning champion Joy C.