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Vincies in San Francisco Mas

Vincies in San Francisco Mas


A small but vibrant group of Vincentians lead by veteran mas maker Kojo Mason took part in “San Francisco Carnaval”, May 30, 2010, with its presentation “Festivals of the Diaspora”.{{more}}

This is the fourth time that the group, Caribbean Roots and Culture, has appeared in the parade with sections: Nine Mornings (SVG), Queen of Sheba ( Ethiopia ), Gift of Jewels ( Ethiopia ), Junkanoo (Garifuna of Belize) and National Pride (Vincy colors).

Sponsorship for the group’s participation came from Dr Caldron Gill, Honorary Consul of St. Vincent and the Grenadines in California, and Shiyanna Valentine, the Director of Kerosene Lamp Foundation INC.

The group also received special assistance in the form of costume prototypes from Julian Pollard and their sister band SVG Players International.

A release from the group said: “The crowd was very excited by our colourful collection of costumes and Vincy soca which played well in the streets of San Francisco.”

The group said their primary purpose was to introduce Vincy Mas and promote SVG Tourism at their “All Ting Vincy” booth at San Francisco Carnaval.

The release said that persons who stopped by our booth were very interested in the pictures by Vivie Joseph, which were on display, and what she had to say about her pictures, as well as the magazines and hand outs by the New York SVG Tourism Board.

For more information about the group visit, or email [email protected]