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Final touches being applied at Buccament

Final touches being applied at Buccament


Phase one of the Buccament Bay Resort project is on course for its summer opening.{{more}}

So says the General Manager, Mark Sawkins, and Vice President of Operations, Joerg Roterberg, of the new multi-million dollar resort.

The site is currently teeming with activity as workers put together the final few touches.

If nothing else, the tenders for pest control having already been sent out and contracts ready to be signed, uniforms ordered and purchased, menus ready and the weekly arrival of 40 foot containers with all the operating equipment should all be clear indications that phase one is expected to begin soon.

“So by the time opening day arrives, it will all be here,” Sawkins told SEARCHLIGHT.

But the all clear is yet to be signaled.

According to the General Manager, guests who will be occupying the 368 unit resort will not be the usual paying guests.

“They are persons who are trying us out.”

“We know who are coming,” Sawkins said, adding that the group includes shareholders and partners who will give the resort its first trial run.

The official opening is scheduled for December; the guests who will soon be arriving will test the facilities and critique its initial operations.

Over 1000 guests have booked for the months leading up to December, but the first week will see the arrival of between 20 and 30 guests, and by August, it is expected that this number will increase to 150.

“We had over 1000 requests for the first week,” Roterberg said.

But the team told SEARCHLIGHT that they are indeed ready for business and the next few months are only a measure of precaution.

“We need to test everything because we might get it wrong, so before people pay over big money to stay here we are having everything tested,” he explained.

“It is not like buying a car – we need to ensure that everything is perfect,” he continued.

“It will be an interesting and intriguing time.”

Hiring of staff is expected to commence in just under two weeks time and the soft opening will allow for the staff to get an appreciation for the environment in which they work the men said. (DD)