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Digicel grocery winners say thanks

Digicel grocery winners say thanks


One year ago during Mother’s Day, Digicel embarked on a promotion to reward three mothers with a year’s supply of groceries.

Now, almost one year later, the women who won the promotion all say that Digicel has helped raise their standard of living, allowing them to not only save money but also provide in a very substantial way for their families.{{more}}

Edmira Walker, who had won the first prize of EC$500 worth of groceries from CK. Greaves, said on Tuesday that the year went very well for her, thanks to her winnings.

“It has been very good because things I could not afford in the past I normally would get these things”, said Walker, who added that she also used the opportunity to help less fortunate persons in Greiggs. She said that on a monthly basis, she gave part of her shopping to someone needy.

“This was a great help to me. Otherwise we would have had to put that money together for shopping, and it sometimes would cost us between 200 and 250. It would vary according to our other bills, so this was a nice ease up for me”, revealed Walker.

“The only thing is”, she smiled, “I don’t know how I going to live after this. Things that are expensive, like vegetables and fruits, I would usually stock up”.

“I would like to say thank you to Digicel for helping me. I’m very thankful and I look forward to even bigger and better things from them in the future and I hope they continue to help others”, said Walker, who is a Grade 1 teacher at the Greiggs Primary School. She also revealed that her husband Sternly and eight-year-old son Myanje are very grateful to Digicel.

The second placed winner, Monica Peters, who is from Bequia, only got to be a part of the shopping spree after the original winner, Terry Regis, opted out (she explained that it was against her religion). Peters, who could not be reached for comment, had EC$300 free groceries every month for a year. She had originally expressed joy at winning, stating: “This is good because God knew my needs and he heard my cry and I am very grateful and was counting my blessings from the start”. She had said that she would normally spend between EC$350-EC$400 a month on groceries.

Third placed winner, Sandra Carrington, was pregnant at the time of the draw, and now her baby is five months old.

The Sion Hill resident said: “It was good. Digicel is the bigger better network, and I’ll always stay with Digicel. I spent less money on groceries, and I used the opportunity to shop for by baby and get things like pampers and milk”.

Carrington added: “This made life easier for me, and I’m hoping if they do a similar promotion I can win again”.

The women had won the promotion which was held on Sunday, May 10, 2009. Persons were entered in the promotion after they topped up EC$15 or more or purchased a handset. The ladies competed for the top prize by seeing who could pile the most groceries into a trolley in three minutes. The person with the highest value of groceries at the end of three minutes won the first prize of EC$500 worth of groceries a month for a year, while the second highest got EC$300 groceries a month for a year, and third place took home EC$200 a month for a year.