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Bowman: Give me the opportunity

Bowman: Give me the opportunity


Curtis Bowman, the New Democratic Party (NDP) candidate to contest the Marriaqua seat in the next general elections has asked for the people of that constituency to give him the opportunity to be their next representative.{{more}}

Bowman urged the people of the village of Dickey on May 16 to make sure they elected him into office based on the premise that the people of that constituency had been neglected by their current representative.

“I am a Mespo man; I am a Marriaqua man; I climb all those hills and I know and I will show you that I will represent you at all times not just at election time or at funerals,” the NDP candidate said.

“The situation in this country is very serious and the people are very serious,” Bowman continued.

“I do not want any chance to represent you the people of Marriaqua, I want you to give me Curtis Bowman the opportunity to serve.”

Bowan said that Girlyn Miguel had failed before in her previous three attempts at being a progressive area representative.

“If she comes back and asks for a fourth chance then she has guts,” he added, saying that Miguel was the principal obstacle to progress in that constituency.

Bowman commended former area representative Bernard Wyllie for what he termed as a job well done.

He said that under Wyllie’s direction, the constituency was doing well, but had remained stagnant in the ten and a half years since the ULP representative had taken office.

“This representative has failed miserably and I am appealing to people to give me the opportunity to put Marriaqua forward.”

“We have done it before and we will do it again,” Bowman contended.

“This election coming up is a serious, serious one and I want you to make sure you know what to do.”(DD)