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‘Ballahoo’ wins local cuisine competition

‘Ballahoo’ wins local cuisine competition


Coconut Crusted Ballahoo, a dish prepared by the students of the Georgetown Secondary School, gained the favour of the judges in a recent cooking competition and propelled that school to victory.{{more}}

The local cuisine competition, which was organized by ChildFund Caribbean under the theme “Healthy Living Eating Local”, was held at the Walden Ryan Resource Centre on April 15, 2010.

Three students from three secondary schools were required to make three coconut dishes and a beverage. The participating schools were North Union, George Stephens Senior and the Georgetown Secondary Schools.

The George Stephens Senior Secondary took the 2nd place, along with the award for the best beverage. The North Union Secondary School had to settle for 3rd place, with only half mark separating them from the 2nd placed winner. They also copped the award for the best dishes overall.

The competition’s judges were Ingrid Robinson, Education Officer/Home Economics; Hazel-Ann Hadaway, Nutritionist for the Leeward zone, and Cleopatra Jackson, Adult Education Unit coordinator.

Each participant was given an apron compliments Childfund as part of creating awareness of the name change from Christian Children’s Fund to Childfund Caribbean.

Childfund serves approximately 2,000 children in St. Vincent from as far as Fancy in the North to Spring Village on the Leeward end. There are four offices located at Park Hill, Biabou, Kingtown and Barrouallie.

ChildFund Caribbean, formerly known as Christian Children’s Fund, is a non-profitable, non-governmental, sponsorship organization. It is an effective global network, working to improve humanity by creating opportunity for the deprived, excluded and vulnerable children of the world.

One major goal is to promote healthy living amongst parents and children. Its major programmes are health and education. One of the major goals for the month of April was to promote healthy living amongst secondary school children by using the local produce available.