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Teachers’ Union calls for support

Teachers’ Union calls  for support


A more open door approach and greater dissemination of information is what is being promised by the newly elected executive of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Teachers’ Union.{{more}}

At its first media conference last week at the Union headquarters at Mckies Hill, members of the executive called on teachers and parents to support the union as it carries out its mandate, which is to represent its members.

The new executive was elected at the Union’s general meeting on February 24 and 25 this year. It is headed by Elvis Charles and was sworn in on April 7.

The other members include 1st Vice President, Ronald Clarke; Rawle Caine, 2nd Vice President; Margaret Jackson, General Secretary; Assistant General Secretary, Hugh Wyllie; James Wilson, Treasurer; and Linda Nichols and Anthony Stewart, Committee Members.

Charles indicated that the public will be kept informed about all activities “pertaining to the whole teaching/ learning situation.”

“You are going to hear from us regularly,” Charles asserted. “We are going to keep you updated as information comes, and we are going to try to work with every stakeholder: the parents, the children etc. we are going to work with them to educate the nation’s children in the best way we can.”

The executive called on parents not only to support the teachers, but also to play a greater part in the education and guidance of their children.

The teachers were urged to visit the office if they were experiencing problems in the workplace.

Executive members promised to defend the rights of its members vigorously, if their rights were violated.

At their first press conference, the members present touched on a number of issues which were on the front burner from the past executive, as well as some recent developments.

Making an official statement on the much talked about snack bar which is being placed in the Richmond Hill area, the executive made the call for all stakeholders to keep an eye on the situation, in an effort to ensure that all stipulations and agreements were adhered to by all parties involved.

The media was also informed that the selection training and transportation of students for the Caribbean Union of Teachers (CUT) games, scheduled for July this year in St. Kitts, will now be handled by the Ministry of Education’s School Games Committee.

Also discussed at the press conference were the appointment of graduates at primary schools, the collective agreement, reclassification, and the issue that was taking place at the Argyle Government School.

The executive members made the appeal for more teachers to become members of the Union.