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Scrubb gets phone from Digicel

Scrubb gets phone from Digicel


Leonard Scrubb of Union Island is a bit more comfortable using a telephone, thanks to Digicel.{{more}}

Last week Thursday, May 6, Scrubb was a caller on Digicel’s half hour programme which airs on Nice Radio. While speaking to Marketing Manager Juno DeRoche, Scrubb, who is blind, said that he was having problems with his landline and would like a Digicel phone.

He also pointed out that he would like a phone with big numbers. As a result of Scrubb’s enquiries, DeRoche spoke to Corporate Accounts Manager Brenda Barbour and they decided to give Scrubb a Digicel desktop phone which is a phone that mimics that of a landline in terms of size, but works with a ‘sim’ card like that of a cellular handset.

On receiving the phone, Scrubb commented: “This phone feels alright. It is a very good phone for me, seeing that I’m blind, and its working properly”.

DeRoche said that Digicel is always willing to help persons whenever they can. The phone was handed over to Scrubb by Digicel’s Sales Representative on Union Island Volbert Adams.