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Vincentian-born visitor dies in motorbike crash

Vincentian-born visitor dies in motorbike crash


Relatives and friends of Hugh Gibson are trying to come to grips with the 61-year-old’s death on the weekend.

Gibson, originally from Gunn Hill, Lowmans Hill, but who resided in Lake Scugog, Port Perry, Ontario, Canada, died on Sunday when the motorcycle he was riding (PR 678) ran off the road and flipped over an embankment.{{more}}

The retired pipe fitter, who was here on vacation and was due to return home today, was travelling from the direction of Georgetown to Kingstown when the accident occurred at Cedars.

He was rushed to the Cedars Clinic where he was pronounced dead.

Gibson, who left these shores more than 40 years ago, was staying at the home of his cousin Mildred Hazell, proprietor of HazEco Tours.

Hazell, holding back tears said that she was at a loss as to what took place on Sunday evening just after six that caused her to lose a family member and friend whom she described as loving and kind.

“We were having a picnic at Congo Valley and we were having a good time…. We are not sure what took place; all we know is that he left before us and was following (Earl) Halbich,” Hazell recalled.

“Earl said that he (Gibson) overtook him and another car. He cleared the car and just lost it.”

“All anybody saw was the bike going over the cliff and his body going one way and the bike going in another direction.”

“We got a call saying he went over the bank. We had no idea until we got there he had died.”

Hazell described Gibson as a seasoned rider who owned a motorcycle in Canada and was very cautious at all times.

She said that her cousin loved visiting his homeland yearly for four to six weeks, where he would spend time with friends and family, and ride for hours taking in the many sights and scenes and mixing with the residents of the various communities he visited.

“Last Saturday before he went out, he said that he had such a wonderful time and was now looking forward to going home, putting his plane in the water and enjoying his summer. It’s just so tragic.”

“He was very happy and always willing to help. He had a good life.”

Hazell indicated that the hardest part about the tragedy was informing Gibson’s wife Rosie and their two children who reside in Canada about his passing.

She indicated that they were devastated by the news; news which was described by a family friend as a ‘very bad dream’.

Gibson’s body is expected to be flown home to Ontario following a post mortem which was to be conducted earlier this week.

Hazell used the opportunity to thank persons who assisted in retrieving Gibson’s body after the accident and also those who rushed him to the clinic.

She said that she does not believe that he suffered much, if at all, during his last moments.

“If it’s any consolation, he always said that if he died riding his bike or flying his plane he would have died doing something he loved.” Hazell said. (JJ)