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Miller says police working hard to control crime

Miller says police working hard to control crime


This country’s Commissioner of Police has responded to allegations by law enforcement authorities in Barbados that this country is making little effort to stem the flow of marijuana into that country.{{more}}

“How can they say we are not doing enough?…That’s bogus! They can’t just sit behind their desks in Barbados and say we are not doing anything,” Commissioner Keith Miller asserted.

Miller’s remarks came just two weeks after an article published in the Barbados Today quoted an unnamed intelligence operative in Barbados as saying law authorities in St. Vincent and the Grenadines are doing little to stem the flow of marijuana into Barbados.

Speaking exclusively to SEARCHLIGHT fresh from an international drug conference held in Brazil, Miller said that whatever is done within the Regional Security System (RSS) member states and Caricom is done in a coordinated effort, and there are certain things they can’t reveal about how they go about the seizure of drugs.

According to the top cop, the Rapid Response Unit (RRU) has been strategically set up on both sides of the country to deal with illicit activities at some of the entry and exit ports, but noted that more still needs to be done. Miller disclosed that he has already held discussions with the Minister of National Security and the green light has been given to construct a police station in Fancy.

“I have been told tentatively that we can go ahead. We are yet to visit the site with the surveyors and this station will help to to cut off persons coming from St Lucia and other islands from conducting illegal activities,” Miller said.

In an interview last week with Assistant Commissioner of Police, Lenroy Brewster, he noted that Fancy was proven to be one of the most problematic ports because of the lack of police presence.

Miller also identified Mayreau as the other spot for a proposed police station.

Furthermore, Miller said that the police force is currently awaiting the arrival of three 65-foot Coast Guard vessels from Malaysia to assist in their efforts.

“$19 million is being invested into these boats, and this goes to show that we are doing everything in power to control criminal activity,” Miller noted. He added that the government has already invested in a radar system and that they are currently awaiting three more pieces of equipment.

“So you see, we are doing everything in our power to rid the country of criminal activities, and these initiatives are just proof of that,” Miller asserted. (KW)