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Marriaqua gas station back in business


Nearly a month after the Marriaqua Petroleum Cooperative Society was forced to close up shop, business has once again resumed at the gas station.{{more}}

SOL EC Ltd had withdrawn their services to the gas station, contending that the area where the service station operated was too small and it was best for the service station to close.

The Petroleum Cooperative Society is a friendly society formed under an agreement with Shell. After SOL took over Shell, that agreement continued and an addendum was added to that agreement.

On Monday May 3, an injucntion filed on March 29, 2010, by Lawyers Ronald and Patricia Marks was allowed, which ordered SOL to continue their services to the gas station.

In handing down the decision, Justice Gertel Thom ordered that SOL continue forthwith to supply petroleum products to the applicant in accordance with the Dealers Agreement and SOL brands Addendum agreement under which petroleum products have been supplied to the applicant prior to the application.

The order further stated that SOL has to pay $750 in costs to the applicant, Marriaqua Petroleum Cooperative Society. The applicant also has to file the claim form within seven days. Failure to do so will result in the injunction being discharged.

One elated vehicle owner who resides in the area said: “Like most persons, I welcome the re-opening of the service station because it was an inconvenience not to have the use of a petrol station in the area,” he stated.

Attorney Patricia Marks of Marks and Associates told SEARCHLIGHT on Wednesday that the service station, which has been providing a service in that community for the past 40 years, was faced with circumstances that they had no control over.

The substantive matter of breach of contract against SOL is still before the court.

When contacted, General Manager of SOL, Steve Francis, declined to comment on the matter except to say that the matter was still before the court and the seven days for the injunction has not elapsed.

The Petroleum Cooperative Society has approximately 12 employees and provides scholarships for children in that community.

SOL was represented by Stanley “Stalky” John and his son, Akin John.(KW)