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Hitz 103.7 starts ball rolling – 100% Soca for Vincy Mas


With the official Launch of Vincy Mas just a few days away, Hitz 103.7 in true Carnival style launched Vincy Mas by being the first radio station go “100% Soca”. The move took place on Friday, April 30, supported by Carnival jingles under the theme “Hitz 103.7 – 103 ways to burn”.{{more}} The theme is said to reflect the energy and zest that the station will be bringing to the public for Vincy Mas.

According the Candice Sealey, Head of Sales and Marketing at Hitz 103.7, the station is being positioned as the source for all things related to Vincy Mas and the ultimate Carnival party station. This Saturday will see the Hitz 103.7 Road Crew on a Road show to the Leeward side of the island commencing in Barroualie as part of the Launch of Vincy Mas.

The station is already leading the way by having exclusive and first song releases and aggressively pursuing artistes to release their music; it has also launched a Carnival programme, ‘Spotlight’ each Saturday morning on BASS which features old time favourites such as Winston Soso, Poorsah; seasoned veterans such as Maddzart, Skinny Fabolous, Luta, Fireman as well as up and coming artistes such as Demus, Tabia, Oscar and Recka among others.

The Carnival theme is further spread to the station’s premier Carnival event, Soca Swing which is scheduled for Sunday, May 30, at Victoria Park. It will also be led under the exciting theme of ‘103 ways to burn’. The show is being promoted as ‘the ultimate work out fete ‘ as we get warmed up for the Carnival season, where the DJs are the personal trainers responsible for the working/toning of specific parts of the body whilst the Soca Swing girls will be the aerobics instructors.

Patrons can expect is a very hyped event with the biggest names in Soca, various competitions and on air giveaways, among other things.