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Banana art on display


The masterpieces of Raymond “Bandi” Payne are now being exhibited at the Old Public Library.{{more}}

Bandi, whose name is now synonymous with Banana Art in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, received what he considers the “gift” of banana art 30 years ago.

When he received the gift, he pursued his banana dream relentlessly. For days on end, he travelled out to the banana estates, especially to Mesopotamia, to get his supply of dried banana leaves, banana trunks and the navels. These were his canvas and his palette.

Payne now resides in Ethiopia and still plies his trade. He maintains that there were only two new inventions in the West Indies during the 20th century – the steel pan and banana art.

The public is invited to view Payne’s pieces at the Old Public Library.