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‘Let police go and do law and order work’

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Senator St. Clair Leacock is clearly upset that Commissioner of Police Keith Miller has trodden on his turf with what he considers to be a political programme.{{more}}

On Saturday, April 17, Leacock expressed his disgust with how Miller is handling the Police Force.

At a New Democratic Party (NDP) political meeting held at New Grounds, in the South Central Windward constituency, Leacock slammed the community outreach programme of the Royal St.Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force in Redemption Sharpes, spearheaded by Commissioner Miller.

The programme seeks to reach out to residents of the community, which in recent times has seen an upsurge in violent crime.

The NDP will bring an end to the political interference in the police force, remarked Leacock.

“This insult of looking in the newspaper, and take this one to your commissioner again…Going into Sharpes and say he eating from bowley, say he eating from Calabash and organising football. Since when is the responsibility of the Police Force to organize football and in Sharpes of all places?” asked Leacock, adding, “Let police go and do their law and order work.”

He said it is time some decency is brought to the Police Force.

“We will do it. Take that and smoke it in your pipe, Miller. We will have a better Police Force under the New Democratic Party,” Leacock promised.

Meanwhile, Leacock, commenting on the NDP’s vision, noted that his Party would not continue to invest heavily in infrastructure or, “in bricks and mortar issues.”

He identified these as airports, buildings, schools, bridges, roads, etc.

Instead, he expressed that the NDP would have a very strong emphasis on the social development of the country.

“Economic progress begins with you the people,” said Leacock.

“It is no longer a desire of any member of this New Democratic Party to come on a politcal platform and to beat our chest and to lay bear that we have given you water, we have given you roads, we have given you light,” said Leacock, adding that not that they are not important, but in the 21st century there must be a new vision for St.Vincent and the Grenadines.

He lamented that it took more than four years to complete a health centre in South Central Windward.

A NDP administration will be transformational, he promised.To accomplish the task the electorate should give the NDP a minimum of 10 years in office, he encouraged. (HN)