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Francois tells it as it is

Francois tells it as it is

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Why do young girls have relationships with mini-bus conductors?

Gregg Francois, Collection Superintendent of the Solid Waste Management Unit, has an answer.{{more}}

At a career fair held at the North Union Secondary School on Wednesday, Francois told the students in attendance some persons have a short sighted approach to life, in which they think they can quickly get rid of something and forget about the consequences.

“This short sighted approach to life also shows up in our relationships. That is why a young girl would go with a conductor because there is a shortsighted approach to life, just for a ride. Or a young man may abuse a woman because their is a shortsighted approach to life,” he noted.

Francois told the gathering, littering also shows a lack of sense of pride.

“It also shows an inferiority complex. Sometimes people who do not think much of themselves are content to display what they feel about themselves in the environment around them,” said Francois.

He used the opportunity to educate the students about solid waste management and measures they can take to create heathier environments, free of rodents, etc.

Francois said every progressive society takes care of their waste. He said this is even mentioned in the Bible.

“Your environment affects the way that people think and feel about you,” said Francois.

Francois said waste management has direct benefits in tourism, farming, and marine life.

Other addresses were made by Inspector Jonathan Nichols of the Royal St.Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force and Carlton ‘CP’ Hall, an Education Officer in the Ministry of Education.(HN)