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Dr. Anderson launches Better Baby Care book

Dr. Anderson launches Better Baby Care book

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Parents and guardians can now learn about their new born babies’ development through a new book “Better baby care, brighter future.”{{more}}

The book, the work of Dr. Christian Anderson’s 20 years of experience as a paediatrician, was launched on Friday, March 12, 2010, at the Peace Memorial Hall. A small crowd showed up for the launch where presentations were made by the author and the proof-reader of the book, teacher of English Literature at the Intermediate High School, Arianne Deane.

Speaking at the ceremony, author Dr. Christian Anderson, who has received tertiary level education in America, Jamaica and England, said that he observed the different cultures he was exposed to. He added that he was able to compare and contrast cultures in Europe, America and the West Indies to determine the ideals of each and the demerits which parents should avoid.

Anderson spoke about the culture of the Cubans and Israelis where boys are raised in a manner which allows them to become aggressive and other cultures deeply influenced by religion uses the church to administer moral education and as a means of socialization.

The book, Anderson said, attempts to address some of the basic guidelines one should adopt as new parents to a young child. It covers areas such as pregnancy concerns, myths and misconceptions, hospitalization and care of the newborn, child development and nuances of child behaviour, discipline and behaviour modification. It also includes a section on baby names and their meanings.

Also making a presentation, Deane said that the book was informative and educational, especially for new mothers. The language, she added, was simple and easy to understand. “The language used is personal and echoes that of a loving parent speaking to a child,” Deane, who indentified easily with the content having delivered a baby girl two months before reading the book, said.

The launching ceremony also included a question and answer session where the audience had the opportunity to learn more about the book, Anderson also signed copies of the book to be sold. The cost of the book is $50.