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Cross Country Radio on show in Nashville

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Vincentian radio was taken to a new level last week with the participation of Cross Country Radio in an international radio show in Nashville, Tennessee, USA.{{more}}

The radio station was among exhibitors at the annual Country Radio Seminar organised by the Country Radio Broadcasters (CRB) of the USA. The seminar was held from February 24th to the 26th 2010.

The Cross Country Radio booth was manned by a two-member team which comprised Vincentian broadcaster, Bernard Joseph and leader of the band Country Relatives Avondale Leslie.

“Many visitors to the booth were intrigued with the fact that there was a country radio in the Caribbean and wanted to know more,” said Joseph, who headed the two-member team. “Our participation in such a prestigious radio event was part of a process of exporting the Caribbean experience through radio. I am also always happy to interact with some of the best radio broadcasters in the world to exchange ideas.”

Leslie was glad that he got the opportunity to attend the seminar in Nashville. “I learned so much and will be sharing some tips with my fellow band members in Country Relatives and others.”

At the end of the show , Joseph presented some of the promotional items that was on display in the booth to the Country Radio Broadcasters Association. The items were received by the Board Director, on behalf of the CRB. The promotional items included information about St Vincent and the Grenadines which were provided by the St Vincent and the Grenadines Tourism Authority.

Cross Country Radio is currently celebrating its 10th anniversary. It is the brainchild of founder/proprietor, Carlos Maloney. “It took a brave heart to launch a radio station with a country format in these parts,” said Maloney. “I feel vindicated that I took that decision despite not having the benefit of scientific research. Cross Country Radio’s participation in the CRS was in keeping with the strides we continue to make since our launch more than ten years ago.”

The Business Gateway Project of the Centre for Enterprise Development provided funding which covered the costs of airline tickets for the two attendees from Cross Country Radio and the rental of the booth at the show.