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Ryan claims she was attacked again

Ryan claims she was attacked again


Relica Ryan, who has been pleading for a couple to leave her alone, has yet to attain the peace she desperately wants.{{more}}

Ryan, who in an article published in the February 5, 2010, issue of the Searchlight, complained about a woman and her boyfriend who have been making her life difficult.

Ryan said the harassment started seven years ago. During this time, both the man and the woman have physically and verbally attacked and threatened Ryan and her boyfriend, causing Ryan to be fearful for her life.

Ryan visited Searchlight again on Wednesday, February 24, 2010, to relate another incident during which the same woman confronted her.

According to Ryan, the incident happened on Monday while she was in Kingstown. Ryan said she saw her boyfriend and the woman, who appeared to be verbally assaulting him. She approached them and asked her boyfriend if there was something wrong. It was at this time, Ryan said, that the woman turned to her violently and began cursing her, using obscenities.

Ryan said she then proceeded to walk towards the police station to make a complaint. About a few minutes into her journey, Ryan said that she spotted the woman ‘under full speed’ approaching her from behind cursing at her. She said she ignored her and continued on her way, only to feel the woman tug violently at her bag, causing the zipper of the bag to tear.

On arrival at the police station, Ryan said she made a complaint against the woman. At the same time, she said the woman also entered the station. Ryan said she told police officers that Ryan had a knife and that Ryan had attacked her.

Ryan explained to SEARCHLIGHT that the knife, which was wrapped in newspaper, was given to her by someone on that day. The knife was to be passed on to someone in Georgetown.

The woman was released and Ryan said she was kept at the police station for sometime, after which she was released. Ryan also reported that she also made reports to the Georgetown police station on the matter.

Ryan, once again expressed that she is fed up and is determined that she is not going to let the woman control her life. Ryan, who has been absent from any public activity for three years, has decided that she would start to go out enjoy her life now. She, however, declared that the harassment she is facing must come to an end, and that the next time she is physically attacked by the woman, she will defend herself.