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Grammar School Young Leaders celebration of Valentine’s Day

Grammar School Young Leaders celebration of Valentine’s Day

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ON Saturday, February 13, 2010, while many people were out making final preparations for Valentine’s Day, the Young Leaders of the St. Vincent Grammar School were educating the residents of Mesopotamia on the issue of holistic wellness.{{more}}

The Mesopotamia Valley was the latest stop for the Young Leaders as they continued their community outreach program. The Young Leaders have committed themselves to visiting several communities throughout St. Vincent and the Grenadines for the purpose of educating Vincentians on issues surrounding holistic wellness.

The Young Leaders descended into the Mesopotamia community at 10:00 am and spent several hours going from house to house engaging the residents on issues such as spiritual wellness, physical wellness, emotional wellness, and mental wellness.

From all accounts, the Young Leaders were well received by members of the community who also encouraged the young men to continue to take the message to the people.

So far, the Young Leaders have visited the communities of Chateaubelair, Barrouallie, Layou, Paul’s Avenue, and Rose Place. The next stop for the young leaders will be Sandy Bay.