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‘Who nah war water ah who nah tek!’

‘Who nah war water ah who nah tek!’


The Central Water and Sewerage Authority (CWSA) is carrying out investigations into an incident at Jar Plum, Richland Park, last Monday night, where it was reported some residents of the community were denied water distributed by one of its trucks.{{more}}

A report of the incident was aired early Tuesday morning on the National Broadcasting Corporation’s 7:30 morning news.

The news report claimed that CWSA workers who were distributing water in the area affected by the current water shortage refused to distribute water to members of the community after a female resident uttered expletives and engaged the workers in an argument.

Joan Ryan, Public Relations and Marketing Manager at CWSA, when contacted on Tuesday, January 12, 2010, said although no one had reported being denied water, the CWSA had launched its own investigation.

She appealed to the public to call in and make a report or visit CWSA’s office if they had a problem with their service.

Ryan, however, was peeved with the presentation of the news report.

“It’s very disturbing. It was reported as if it is the modus operandi of the CWSA not to give the residents of Richland Park water,” said Ryan.

SEARCHLIGHT took a journey to Richland Park to investigate Monday night’s incident.

Some residents at Jar Plum and Cotton Ground reported that they were not denied water and stated that people were only being mischievous.

“Not ah thing go so. Who nah war water ah who nah tek,” said one resident.

Jennifer Maloney, a resident of Jar Plum, said she was affected by the dispute between a woman and the CSWA workers distributing the water.

Maloney said she was waiting since 3:00 that afternoon until about 10 p.m.when the truck came. Maloney added that she didn’t know what might have caused the woman to start using expletives.

She noted that the assistant to the driver started pulling the hose up and she asked him at that point if “one mangy sheep spoil the whole flock?”

“I felt pissed off because I was waiting since 3 o’clock and he made one person mek me nah get water,” said Maloney.

She said that she was so upset that she left the scene and went home.

It was also reported that some persons created problems for the CWSA workers by changing their clothes and returning for refills.

Ryan told SEARCHLIGHT the water distribution by the trucks generally went smoothly.