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Shots ring out in Kingstown


Gunfire broke out in capital Kingstown last Friday evening, leaving many innocent passersby scampering for their lives and two bystanders nursing minor injuries.{{more}}

The incident took place in the vicinity of Melville Street, shortly after dusk on January 8, 2010.

Police allege that shots were fired during a dispute between persons from Green Hill and Redemption Sharpes. It is also alleged that one man alighted the minivan “Selly” which operates between Sharpes and Kingstown and opened fire on a group men in the area.

After the gun smoke cleared, Delvert Lewis, 21, a minibus conductor of Redemption Sharpes, and Diana Francois, 29, of Green Hill were grazed by bullets to the chest and stomach, respectively.

Members of the Special Services Unit and Criminal Investigations Department of the police force arrived on the scene shortly after the shots rang out, but the shooter and his intended victims had already fled the scene.

Police confirmed to SEARCHLIGHT on Wednesday that they are on the hunt for a man by the name of Kambaui “Boo-e” John of Redemption Sharpes, who they feel can help them with their investigations.