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NDP to protest outside House during Budget


The New Democratic Party (NDP) has planned a protest during the Budget debate later this month.

A press release from the NDP states that the party will stage a protest during the presentation of the Estimates on Tuesday, January 19, 2010, beginning at 10 am, and also on Monday, January 25, 2010, during the actual budget debate.{{more}} The protest will take place outside of Parliament.

Public Relations Officer of the NDP Vynnette Frederick, however, confirmed to SEARCHLIGHT that NDP parliamentary representatives will be in the House of Parliament for the debate. “We are not planning to boycott parliament at all,” she said.

The protest will seek to address issues such as the state of the nation’s economy, the state of the voters’ list ahead of the General Elections due to take place this year, and the alleged US $1 million transaction involving the Unity Labour Party executive members and members of their family.

“It is certainly not going away in the minds of the Vincentians,” Frederick said in relation to the transaction and that no response has been given as to the transaction’s source.