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Two perish in Lowmans blaze

Two perish in Lowmans blaze


by Dayle DaSilva 08.Jan.10

Police are continuing investigations into the deaths of two women who perished in an early morning fire Monday, January 3, at Lowmans Leeward.{{more}}

Ninety three-year-old Zetilla Jacobs and her physically and mentally challenged 48-year-old daughter Evadney died when the three bedroom concrete house they were living in caught fire.

“I heard a popping noise and started checking around my house, because I smelled smoke,” neighbour Janice James told SEARCHLIGHT.

This was around 2 in the morning. James said that she went into her kitchen and saw the fire coming out of what she knew to be the occupants’ bedroom window.

She said that she started screaming for help and immediately alerted other neighbours.

James said that any thought of trying to save the occupants were dashed as the house was already engulfed in flames.

She said that she had last seen the elderly woman the day before, some time in the afternoon, when they exchanged New Year’s salutations.

According to a Police report, the fire was spotted by officers of the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) who were on patrol in the area.

Meanwhile, a family is left to mourn a woman who brought so much joy to so many.

Caregiver, mother, counselor, comedian, comforter are just a few of the characteristics most remembered by Zetilla’s family.

“It was tragic how everything happened,” Kyron Barker, her grandson, told SEARCHLIGHT.

Kyron said that he had spent time with her two days before her death and was planning to take her to the doctor for a minor medical condition she had complained about.

The tragic call would, however, come early Monday morning that his grandmother’s house was on fire.

He spoke of the fond memories of his beloved grandmother or ‘Mother’ as she was called affectionately.

“She was always willing to give of herself,” said Barker.

“She didn’t have much, but she instilled in her loved ones that they needed to be satisfied with what they were given in life,” he continued.

Barker credited his beloved grandmother for having a positive impact on his early life.

“The person I am today, I owe it to my grandmother.”

But perhaps the one thing that family members are having difficulty coming to grips with is the horrific manner in which Zetilla met her death.

“My initial reaction was that at her age, she can go at any time, but I never expected this to be the way,” Luann Jacobs, one of her granddaughters said.

“When I heard about the fire, my first reaction was how did this happen?” she continued.

She recalled the strong bond between her grandmother and her aunt, who had Downs Syndrome.

“At least they are together. That is consoling.”

Clare Jacobs, another granddaughter, expressed similar sentiments, saying that she knew that Zetilla would not have left her daughter in that house alone to perish.

The very caring attitude she demonstrated to other persons in the community, she shared with her immediate family members.

Grandson Kyron said that he recalled her pledging that she was going to take care of her daughter until the end.

“And she did that even at 93. Mother pledged that there was nothing to disrupt that,” Barker recalled.

Daughter Darcus Jacobs-Hackshaw fought back the tears as she, too, spoke to this fact.

“She wasn’t going anywhere and leave her daughter.”

Meanwhile, autopsy results were expected late Wednesday afternoon.