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NLA’s ‘Merry Christmas Bonanza’ winners

NLA’s ‘Merry Christmas Bonanza’ winners


CARLA WILLIAMS said that her husband was an avid player of the National Lottery Authority’s (NLA) games and it was time that he got something back.{{more}}

Williams was at the time speaking at the prize giving ceremony for the NLA’s ‘Merry Christmas Bonanza’ draw Wednesday, January 6.

Her husband Grantley was the 1st prize winner and took home a 42 inch LCD television.

And the old saying that lightning does not strike twice in the same spot may not hold true for Ianna Slater, who won herself a ‘Whirlpool’ refrigerator.

This was her second time winning a prize in an NLA promotion.

Wrapping up the top five winners were Edward Charles (3rd), who won a GE 4 burner stove; Denise Ashton (4th), a mountain bike, and Latrisha Toby (5th), with a microwave oven.