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Healthier Carla Samuels back after operation

Healthier Carla Samuels back after operation


For most of Carla Samuel’s life, she has been stricken with grave illnesses. Now, with successful surgeries behind her back, she is looking forward to all that life has to offer.{{more}}

In 2005, Samuel was diagnosed with a goiter, fibroids and severe anemia, and doctors recommended surgery, estimated to cost TT$55,000. Samuel’s plight was brought to the public in the March 27, 2009, issue of SEARCHLIGHT.In that article, Samuel requested financial assistance from the general public.

Her cries did not fall on deaf ears. With the help of the government, her church and members of the public, Samuel travelled to Trinidad, and on September 9, 2009, underwent surgery at the Ellersie Private Hospital.

“Those who’ve helped in one way or the other, I thank you,” Samuel said in a letter addressed to SEARCHLIGHT.

Samuel’s goiter and fibroids were successfully removed. She explained that she feels a lot better and can now do simple things which, she could not have easily done before.

The fibroids, which caused great pain, had also caused Samuel’s abdomen to be distended, fuelling rumors that she was pregnant. “I don’t pay that no mind, because I know my condition,” she told SEARCHLIGHT back in March. Carla’s liver and kidneys were also affected by the growing fibroids.

Her stomach is now relatively flat, making it easier for her to breathe, walk, and do light chores around the house. The goiter, which caused the enlargement of her throat, is gone. She still has anemia, which is controlled by medication. Samuel said that she has regained the weight, which she lost during her illness. She explained to SEARCHLIGHT that she has to do regular check ups to monitor her blood count. Samuel said that although the fibroids are gone, her doctors explained that they may grow back.

Samuel is still recovering, but now that she is healthier she is hoping to find a job. She has completed several courses in hospitality services and Information Technology.

Samuel expressed her thanks to God, the government, the Pastor and members of the Chateaubelair Seventh Day Adventist Church, NBC radio and journalist Adrian Cadougan.