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Green Party asking Prime Minister to step down

Green Party asking Prime Minister to step down


Head of the Green Party Ivan O’Neal is calling for Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves to resign.

O’Neal staged a protest on Monday in front of the Court House in Kingstown. He told SEARCHLIGHT that the party is calling for early General Elections to remove the Unity Labour Party (ULP) government which he says cannot manage the finances of the country.{{more}}

O’Neal added the country needed to reduce its dependence and utilize more indigenous resources to improve the condition of the economy. “Our best resource is our people,” O’Neal said. In order to harness this, he added, a university should be established in St. Vincent.

O’Neal added more factories should be built in St. Vincent and that at least $200 million needs to be generated from fish and the marine sector in the country.

“The Green Party is saying that the economy should be knowledge-based, driven by science and technology. That is the new regime we want in the country,” the politician said.

The one day protest began at 7 in the morning and lasted until 5:30 pm.