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Fire victims receive help

Fire victims receive help

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Having lost their home and all of their belongings to a terrible fire in October last year, nineteen members of the Cupid and Guy families wondered what their Season and New Year was going to be like. Thanks to a newspaper article, they can now face the future with much greater hope.{{more}}

One week after receiving two barrels from Yvette and Ezekiel Williams and the Arnos Vale Community residing in New York, the Guy and Cupid families are again singing praises to God and appreciating the goodness of mankind for coming to their assistance.

This week the families were again recipients of two more barrels compliments Vincentians living in New York. This time, the initiative came from the group The Council of St.Vincent and the Grenadines Organization (COSAGO). The New York based thirty-year-old body is an Umbrella organization representing fourteen diverse Vincentian groupings also operating in New York.

In making the presentation, President of COSAGO Laverne McDowald confirmed that it was the newspaper article that so moved her group to solicit donations/contributions from their fourteen members who all readily responded with foodstuff, clothing and other personal items to fill the two barrels. She also indicated that a third barrel is being filled for shipment which would also include some school items as some of the family members are of school age. She also pointed to the assistance of Carl Munroe and Standard Caribbean Shippers Inc. for waiving all fees for transporting the barrels from New York to St. Vincent and Cecil McKie for clearing the barrels upon arrival in St.Vincent.

Over the years, COSAGO also made donations to the Lewis Punnett Home and are currently assessing the needs of House of Hope to allow them to assist that Institution in the near future.

The song writer’s word coining ‘Tis love that makes the world go round’ again held true for the unfortunate families in their time of need.