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Senator Caesar makes case for Caribbean Court of Justice

Senator Caesar makes case  for Caribbean Court of Justice



Minister of State in the Ministry of Agriculture Senator Saboto Caesar is of the view that it is time to “empower our own Caribbean People, who understand our circumstances and can appreciate the facts” to be the judges on our highest court.{{more}}

Senator Caesar, who was speaking at a Constitution Rally in Sandy Bay last Sunday, was making a passionate case for Vincentians to embrace the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) and do away with the British Privy Council.

“The Privy Council has outlived its usefulness,” said Caesar. Citing a case from his experience as a lawyer, where a local Defence Lawyer could not understand a statement made by a witness from a rural village, Caesar questions the ability of an English Judge to so do.

“When a case is sent to England about a man in a banana field, all the Englishman knows about banana is when it is on his breakfast table. He does not understand what happens in a banana field,” Caesar pointed out.

For those reasons, the Senator encouraged all Vincentians to “empower our own Caribbean people to be the judges of our people” by voting Yes on Referendum Day, November 25. Caesar added that those who say no to the CCJ will have to deal with guilt when persons do not get full justice from matters which are sent to the Privy Council. (API)