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ROK makes donation to children’s home


On Tuesday, the St. Benedicts Children Hospital received a monetary donation from ROK Entertainment, the entity that over the weekend gave the nation entertainment in the form of the, ‘Digicel Freedom Concert’.{{more}}

One of the two founders of ROK Entertainment, Kenton ‘Biter’ Ollivierre, handed over the cheque to Sister Nyra-Anne Pajotte, one of the nuns responsible for the running of the children’s hospital which is located in Georgetown.

According to Sister Pajotte, the donation which was done at the offices of Digicel, located in the Lewis Building on James Street, will go a long way in helping improve the conditions at the hospital.

Said Sister Pajotte: “I feel very good in that ROK Entertainment remembered us again. They have been helping us over the years which we are grateful for and now again to remember us at this time when we have begun construction of a new children’s home is wonderful”.

Sister Pajotte revealed that a new building is currently under construction, “so that we can better be able to serve and care for these underprivileged children”. She said that although the building has been started, “we are still appealing because when you are into construction it entails more and more funds to be able to see the project to the end”. The St. Benedicts Children’s Hospital currently caters for nine children.

Commenting after handing over the money to Sister Pajotte, Ollivierre said; “We have been supporting charity through CanFest and we put on Freedom Concert over the weekend so we found it fit to give back to the public and more directly to the St. Benedicts Children Hospital. We have supported them over the years so we want to give some financial support so that they can go about doing what they do”.

The donation was witnessed by Marketing Executive at Digicel Edmund Joachim. Digicel was one of the major sponsors of Freedom Concert, while ROK Entertainment are the promoters of CanFest.