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New Postal Service now implemented


The plan to close 34 rural post offices across the state has taken effect.{{more}}

An official from the St.Vincent and the Grenadines Postal Corporation on Wednesday, November 4th, 2009, confirmed that a number of the rural post offices had ceased operations effective Saturday, October 31st, 2009, as part of the corporation’s restructuring plan.

The official said a release will be issued to the public soon to give an update on the matter.

The personnel said hubs have been identified throughout the country to process mail.

Areas affected will have mail delivered to homes two or three times per week, depending on the area, the official confirmed.

SEARCHLIGHT was told that persons can make personal arrangements to pick up their mail from the hubs.

In May this year postal officials confirmed that 34 post offices will be closed. Though they were unable to give exact numbers, they indicated that most of the employees affected by the closure will either be at retirement age or absorbed into the new structure.

At a press conference held on Monday, May 18th, 2009, Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves, accompanied by Jimmy Forde and Celene Jack, the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the corporation, respectively, explained that international and domestic social mail volumes have continued to decline sharply, and in some cases, the monthly traffic in rural postal office is as low as seven pieces of mail going out and two coming in.

The officials had disclosed that post offices record an average monthly income of $254, and the cost of maintaining the offices is over five times that, a situation that cannot be sustained. (HN)