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Headstart Preschool celebrates 30 years of Independence


To commemorate this country’s 30th anniversary of independence, the parents, staff and students of the HeadStart PreSchool participated in many enlightening activities that showcased Vincentian culture and customs.{{more}}

The students attended field trips to capital city Kingstown, Fort Charlotte, the Botanical Gardens and the Kingstown Vegetable Market.

On October 26, the schoolyard became alive with a huge exhibition of craft, animals, fruits and vegetables, as well as posters and pictures of places of interest. The range of handicraft created by the students included: paper mache representations of the La Soufreire Volcano, a breadfruit and a jack fish. Hand-made musical instruments, painted puzzles, other paintings and colourings, including flags, were also showcased.

Principal Lavinia Francis expressed her excitement of how receptive the students were in learning about their culture and their country.