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Ahdrenalin Mas restructured and coming for 2010


A release from the organization said: “In our constant efforts to strive for improvement, we recently underwent a restructuring. We anticipate that this restructuring will create a stronger and more focused organisation able to provide higher quality service and products to our masqueraders by and large.”{{more}}

The release said the band will continue under the guidance of veteran mas man Sheggy John, their designer and mentor. There have, however, been “some significant personnel changes”, the release said.

The current member roster of Ahdrenalin Mas includes Errol M. Fraser – Band Leader; Juanita Alexander – Marketing and Promotions; Denise Ashton – Treasurer; Nadine Agard – Secretary; Gary Laborde – Designer/Builder; Tina Billingy – Senior Builder; LaRoy Edwards – Senior Builder; Naoimi LaBorde – Designer; Andrew Homer – Craft specialist; Ronika Wynne – Promotions team, and the various other members too numerous to mention.

“The general public is also asked to note that former members Osei P. Morris and Sezevera Joseph will not be part of the new Ahdrenalin Mas. We are excited about our 2010 presentation entitled “Western Mayhem”, and cannot wait for you to see the product of our hard work. Thank you for your continued support. Ahdrenalin Mas is here to stay!” the release ended.