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Vincentian launches debut Gospel CD in NY

Vincentian launches debut Gospel CD in NY


A life changing experience has led La Fleur Durrant, a former Redemption Sharpes resident, to her first Gospel CD, entitled “I will not be denied”.{{more}}

Speaking of the title of her twelve-song CD, Durrant, who now resides in Brooklyn , New York, said she couldn’t choose a more appropriate name as “God took me out of my situation, he didn’t deny me life.”

“Nine years ago I was diagnosed with Colon Cancer, and while I was in the hospital lying in my bed and crying out in pain, I started singing and felt a peace. Singing just brought me this joy,” Durrant explained.

Chronicling the lead up to her CD venture, Durrant said after her treatment and release, she, along with her daughter, cousin, brother and a friend started a band called, “Spiritual Vybes”. Her sister later joined the band, as they performed at different churches and functions.

For Durrant, who grew up in church and always loved singing, starting the band was just an extension of her interests. Durrant is accompanied on the CD by her brother Uzmond and daughter Shamequa who does backup vocals.

Over the last nine years, Durrant has been writing her own songs and she is hopeful that next year she would launch another CD, this time a compilation of her original compositions.

Durrant is a member and Choir Director of the Bethany Deliverance Church of God congregation. She is the daughter of Cecil Durrant, the pastor of the Brooklyn located church.