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Nostalgia -Third time’s the charm

Nostalgia -Third time’s the charm


by Dayle DaSilva 30.OCT.09

It took some time in coming, but eventually a decent sized crowd turned out at the Arnos Vale playing field Sunday, October 25, for the third show of the Vincy Homecoming weekend, ‘Nostalgia’.{{more}}

Whether it was witnessing the band X-A-Dus, or the reunion of Winston Soso with Climax, patrons at the Arnos Vale Playing Field were taken back in time, going as far back as the 1960’s.

From the first performer, ‘Imitator’, backed by one of the country’s most favoured bands, X-A-Dus, the seeming frenzy began. Next was Granville ‘Mighty Sunblaze’ Findlay performing two numbers including his 1970’s hit, ‘The result of rum’.

There was a break from the local music as the band X-A-Dus, fronted by Ricky Bowman, took persons back to the days of the Aquatic Club Saturday night fete, doing a number of covers from Billy Ocean’s ‘Caribbean Queen’ to William Bell’s ‘Everyday will be like a Holiday’, to Arrow’s ‘Long time we ain’t fete like this’.

By this time, the crowd was aroused enough to welcome long time Calypso veteran, and a true Vincentian Icon, Alston ‘Becket’ Cyrus. Becket’s performance warranted an encore performance as he rendered some of his top songs, including ‘Small Pin’.

The crowd showed little or no sign of fatigue by the time the man from the Valley, Gerald ‘Rasum’ Shallow, took to the stage. Shallow and company’s set went on for some time, but could have easily lasted longer, particularly at the end, with the performance of his biggest hit to date, ‘Perseverance’.

And as if the show’s organizers saved the best for last, Winston Soso and Climax came out of hibernation.

The team had persons doing the ‘Swivel Dance’ and not minding (‘I don’t mind) anything at all.

Whatever the reaction, the original objective of the event was achieved, this according to Ellsworth John, head of the Regional Integration and Diaspora Unit (RIDU).

“We were able to accomplish what we anticipated,” John told SEARCHLIGHT.

“We wanted Vincentians to look back at the music and see what makes it unique,” he added, noting that this was the ultimate objective of the Homecoming exercise.

But now, the project takes on a new twist, that of implementation.

John explained that between now and October 2010, there is going to be serious dialogue with community groups to chart the way forward for St Vincent and the Grenadines.

He also said that based on the discussions from the business forums held, his unit will be looking at gathering relevant information for a plan of action.