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Grammar School to benefit from gifts

Grammar School to benefit from gifts


Five hundred books, two trophies and one plaque were handed over to the St. Vincent Grammar School last Friday, a gesture of those who have benefitted greatly from the school.{{more}}

The items were presented during the school’s independence celebrations at general assembly.

Bassy Alexander, who handed over the books, explained that they were donated by David Joyette who, although not a past student, used the facilities of the Grammar School while taking evening classes, and the late Dr Errol King. He added that Joyette has donated quantities of books to other institutions.

Speaking at the ceremony, Headmaster Frank Jones said King had been a member of the school’s alumni in the United States and donated medals and trophies to the school annually. Two trophies and one plaque were handed over by past student Ambassador Joel Toney in honour of the late Dr. Errol King.

The Dr Errol King Trophy will be awarded each year to the student who exhibits discipline and excellence in academics and sports.

Handing over the trophies, Toney told the students gathered that they will be graded for the award based on their performances from first to fifth form and they should make it their objective to win the award. “It is not for the smartest student. It is for the student who is well-rounded,” Toney said.

Students will be notified of the criteria used to select the winner. Each year, the winner of the award will have his name inscribed on the plaque, which will be kept at the school. The winning students will, however, be given replicas of the trophy to keep. (OS)