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Diamonds family mourns tragic loss of 16-year-old

Diamonds family mourns tragic loss of 16-year-old


A Diamonds family is in mourning after losing one of their loved ones in a tragic accident over the weekend.{{more}}

Jvar Douglas died at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital on Tuesday, October 27, at 1:00 p.m., three days after colliding with a truck while riding a bicycle.

Relatives told SEARCHLIGHT he was on his way from a cousin’s home when he got involved in the accident at about 3:45p.m on Saturday.

The 16-year-old was rushed to the Biabou Health Centre with serious head, hip, hands, and knee injuries.

Natasha Harry, Jvar’s aunt, told SEARCHLIGHT she was in a banana field when she received the news of the tragic accident.

“Somebody called and say Jay got into a bad bad accident and he wouldn’t make it,” said Harry, noting that when she visited her nephew at the hospital, doctors told her he had suffered internal bleeding and his blood pressure had dropped as low as 25/0.

Brent Bute, Jvar’s uncle, was attending a funeral in Biabou when he heard of his nephew’s accident.

Bute said when he saw Jvar at the Biabou Health Centre, “his knee was eat out badly and the left part of his head … whatever I saw was brain.”

Relating how he felt at the time, Bute said: “I was feeling real sad cause Jay is my nephew and I love him.”

Bute said he accompanied Jvar to the hospital. At the time the interview was done he did not express optimism that Jvar would make it, considering the seriousness of his wounds.

A post mortem was expected to be carried yesterday on the deceased to establish the cause of death. (HN)