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Weekes displays brilliant designs

Weekes displays brilliant designs


She spent over 24 years in the United States, now Vincentian born designer Donna Weekes is back in St. Vincent dazzling audiences with her fashion collection “Ethel”.{{more}}

Weekes, originally from Mesopotamia, was invited by the Vincy Homecoming Miss Heritage pageant committee to feature her designs at the pageant’s events. Her collections were featured at a recently held cocktail at the Grenadine House and will be featured tonight at the Miss Heritage Pageant at Arnos Vale.

Weekes began dabbling in fashion design at the age of thirteen. She watched her mother Ethel Delgado sew dresses for her and her sister. Her mother was not really a seamstress, but had no other choice due to economic circumstances.

Growing weary of her mother’s style, Donna came up with her own designs which she described as “simple dresses”, which were sewn by seamstress Roxanne Frazer.

Weekes migrated to the United States in 1985 with her mother and in 1987 joined her sister in Minneapolis where she attended business school. She then worked as a beauty consultant, doing what she loves, connecting with people through aesthetics. “I enjoyed being a beauty consultant. I love to see women looking beautiful, whether in makeup or in dressing…but I wanted more.”

This is when she acted on the ideas brewing inside her, designing pieces to suit her own taste and flair. Weekes wore her pieces to every function that she attended, receiving rave reviews on every occasion.

Back then she only designed for herself, but decided that she wanted to share her passion with others. Having a closet filled with original pieces that she had only worn once, Weekes decided to organize a fashion show. She designed additional pieces and launched her clothing line “Ethel” at her first fashion show held at the The Aviator Center in Brooklyn, New York, on September 5, 2009. She plans to have another fashion show at the same location in May 2010.

Weekes designs clothes that are sexy, feminine and easy to wear. She has always been inspired by fabric, colours and embroidery and uses flowers, bows and bold colours to contrast with her favourite colour, black.

She, however, admits that no one designer has greatly impacted her style or inspired her “It has been all about me. It was in me all along.” She remains amazed by the favorable reviews that she received which she says has exceeded her many expectations and encouraged her to continue in her art. “I’m getting orders that I’m not ready for. People love the pieces!” she beamed about the success of her latest shows.

Weekes currently works as an executive assistant in corporate America. She, however, hopes to make fashion design her main focus. She also enjoys sketching dresses for her nine-year-old daughter Zaria, an activity she describes as her greatest love and which brings her immense joy.