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Wallilabou Heritage Park opens to public

Wallilabou Heritage Park opens to public


The community of Barrouallie is thrilled about the new Wallilabou Heritage Park. So say members of the Barrouallie Tourism and Heritage Organisation, the non-profit organisation which will manage the park.{{more}}

Public Relations Officer Cecil Gordon and President Reynold Francis spoke to Searchlight at the official opening of the park on Tuesday October 20, 2009. The men both spoke about the feedback received from community members.

“It has been beautiful,” Gordon said; Francis added: “They have been positive, enthusiastic about the place.”

The organization, formed in April 2008, will work in collaboration with the National Parks Rivers and Beaches Authority and will be overseer of the tourism sites in Barrouallie.

The men spoke about the plans they have in place to develop the site and facilitate its maintenance costs. They plan to charge a user fee as well as parking fees for the parking lot on the site. Gordon explained that they intend to have a fully functioning bar and restaurant where persons can purchase meals and drinks. The gazebos on the site will also be rented to persons who wish to use them while at the park, Francis explained. He also reassured that the prices will be affordable.

Francis, who said that his organization is devoted to developing tourism in and around Barrouallie, added that the group also intends to host Creole nights. Local foods will be sold and persons will be entertained by local music.

The Wallilabou Heritage Park was constructed at a cost of EC$500,000. The lush park has a small waterfall that flows into a pool where visitors can bathe. It also has gazebos, changing rooms, bathrooms, a vending kiosk and a bar. The park will be open from seven in the morning to eight at night.

The park will officially be handed over to the BTHO on December 16, 2009. They are also responsible for the Mount Wynne Recreational Park, Zion Hill Park and the Barrouallie playing field that is currently being developed. (OS)