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Visually impaired to listen to Constitution

Visually impaired  to listen to Constitution


Following repeated calls for an audio version of the proposed constitution 2009, Stanley Richards finally received his copy.{{more}}

Richards, President of the National Society of and for the Blind, accepted an audio version of the document on behalf of the Society from Minister of Culture René Baptiste.

The six-hour long CD was put together by the ‘Vote Yes’ Committee, with vocal and technical assistance from a number of persons.

Minister of Technology Dr. Jerrol Thompson, who was present at the handing over, stated that the CD was also available to persons who did not have time to read the 55-page document which had been published in newspapers a few weeks ago.

He said it would also be available for download in print and audio form, on the campaign’s website, for a limited time.

Minister Baptiste, in handing over the CD, said that the venture was a part of the government’s promise to ensure that available resources are put at the disposal of the disabled in the community.

Baptiste said that the CD enables the blind to be a part of the experience of learning more about the proposed constitution.

Richards indicated that he was pleased to receive the CD and would no longer have to depend on what was said to him about the constitution by others.(JJ)