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Unsung Hero: Award a result of hard work


If John Roache wins the regional leg of the First Caribbean International Bank’s Unsung Heroes Programme, he intends to thrust into deeper waters.##M;[more]##

“I want to use my foundation to work along with foundations like the Rockefeller Foundation, the Clinton Foundation and others.”

“I want to push into the African and Asian continent where I could fight against things like diseases and child pornography and sex tourism and other things.”

Speaking to Searchlight after being announced the local winner, Roache, who is confident that he will win the prestigious title which is to be announced in November, hopes that winning will allow him to open doors and put his tiny community of Mayreau on the international map.

Until then, he is contented with winning the local leg of the programme, which he said he was not too surprised about.

“I am aware that whatever you sow you reap, so it is not really a big surprise; it is the reward of hard work.”

This hard work includes providing healthcare and education to persons who were unable to access them easily, the distribution of water and public assistance, and even tour guiding when cruise ships visit the southern Grenadine isle.

His service to the community earned him US$6,000 toward his cause, and if successful next month, an additional US $7,500.

Uncle John, as he is called by all, said that he is far from finished with his community work and intends to lift the bar even higher.

The 45-year-old indicated that his aim is to see to a higher pass rate in the Common Entrance exams next year.

He says of all the work with which he is involved, he feels an affinity to education.

“I feel closest to the educational aspect of my work, because what you are doing, you are preparing a child’s mind for the future.

“When you see a child who has gone to secondary school, college, university and you know that you have impacted that child’s life, it makes you proud.”

Admitting that at times he had felt like giving up, he said that he had been encouraged over and over by the words of persons around him and the scripture.

Despite almost losing his life once while transporting a sick person to Union Island on a small boat, Roache said that that episode, as well as the many challenges that he had faced over the years, had made him stronger and more willing to continue his work.

He currently heads the Ella Roache Foundation, named after his mother, whom he said inspired his calling to serve his community. (JJ)