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Students urged to learn a second language

Students urged to learn a second language


Knowledge of a foreign language has a number of positive attributes among which is the expansion and extension of the mind. {{more}}

It offers students greater scope for research while teaching students the value of learning about different cultural practices.

This was the premise of a two-day cultural exhibition which ended Wednesday, October 21, at the Girl Guides Headquarters held under the theme ‘Celebrating many Nations…many Cultures…many languages’.

“We hope the exhibition will showcase what goes on in the schools and what the children can produce,” Flavia Howard, Education Officer for Foreign Languages in the Ministry of Education told SEARCHLIGHT.

She further stressed the importance of learning a second language.

“We find sometimes students see it as an activity only for school, and also the parents,” Howard explained, adding that one of the aims was to give members of the public a different perception of foreign languages and culture.

The days’ activities included exhibits from Spanish and French speaking nations, authentic cuisines and cultural presentations.

Luann Gilchrist, Chief Education Officer (Ag), a former teacher of foreign languages, spoke her own passion for cultural diversity.

“Spanish and French are not on the timetable to frustrate you,” Gilchrist said, admitting that it can become a bit challenging at times.

It has been 22 years since Darrel Williams, representative of the Association of Foreign Language Teachers said that he had his first encounter with foreign languages.

He cautioned students that the world was quickly becoming a global village as he alluded to the importance of being able to communicate with persons speaking other languages.

“You can never be too old to learn a foreign language,” he said.(DD)